The media in New Zealand sometimes contact this website or Fixate seeking comment from people who live with OCD or from people who support those living with OCD. Whilst this website is primarily designed to provide factual information about OCD, it is also an appropriate place to read about articles which New Zealanders have been involved in which purport to breaking down stigma and misconceptions about OCD or to respond to questions about OCD.

We seek comment from volunteers with lived experience and psychologists to comment professionally.

Here are a few articles and interviews which have been published in recent times.

1. Sam’s story

2. Otago Daily Times article

3. Covid – 19 :Living with OCD and anxiety

4. Coronavirus Health Minister criticised for telling people to be OCD about hygiene and associated MHF report

5. People with obsessive compulsive disorder say lockdown allowed their condition to thrive

6. Attitude series TV episode schedule for Sunday November

7. Lawtalk article

8. Perinatal OCD article