There  is a wealth of fantastic websites, books, podcasts, brochures and videos to find out more about OCD. We have just included some of the more popular or common sites which are consistently referred to.


New Zealand based 

Have a good look around this site for events, peoples stories and information about OCD.

There are also links to two PDF brochures about OCD from the UK and USA (Understanding OCD and What you need to know about OCD).

The Mental Health Foundation website also refers to many helplines in NZ. 

Read about the relationship between Tourettes syndrome and OCD.

More information about Tourettes and OCD is also available on the OCD Stories Episode 180.

International websites 


An excellent resource to find out about OCD, treatment, international events and how to get involved.

OCD Action

Articles, podcasts and videos

The links below provide information and advice for parents of kids with OCD.

Parenting blog

Intrusive thoughts


Real stories that inspire and educate those with OCD. There are interviews with therapists and with people living with OCD. The stories include weekly podcasts, usually released on a Monday, and personal written accounts , usually about 45 minutes to an hour long. This is an excellent resource and covers a wide range of OCD topics. There are many episodes to listen to and you might not know where to start! 

You might like to start with searching some of these episodes in the first instance as they provide some general information from authors of some books listed in the Resources section and therapists, e.g any episodes from Johnathan Grayson, Steven Phillipson, Jon Hershfield, Joan Davidson, Chrissie Hodges, Rose Cartwright ( nee Bretecher), Lily Bailey, Mark Freeman, Russ Harris and Sean Shinnock. 

They are truly inspiring and uplifting,  offer so much hope and you are sure to have many “ahh hah’ moments.

NZ Podcast called Just Listen which features various mental health stories and journeys. The first one linked here features OCD and is very honest, descriptive and also gives hope to others who live with OCD.

Apps Try this to help with your Exposure Response Therapy treatment.


You might like to approach your local library to order some of these.

There are so many books to choose from but the ones we have listed here include some accessible books as well as some which cover treatment and the various themes of OCD. These are some of the books which are referred to in the OCD Story podcasts when Stu Ralph, the founder, seeks good references from speakers on his podcast. Please read previews or reviews by visiting either Book Depository, Goodreads or Amazon.

Baer, L. 2001. Imp of the mind. New York. Penguin.

Challacombe, F., V.B. Oldfield and P. Salkovkis. 2011.  Break free from OCD; Overcoming Obsessive Compulsive Disorder with CBT.Great Britain. Ebury Publishing.

Davidson, J. 2014 Daring to challenge OCD: Overcome your fear of treatment and take control of your life using Exposure and Response Prevention.Oakland CA. New Harbinger.

Grayson, J. 2004. Freedom from Obsessive –Compulsive Disorder; a personalised Recovery Program for living with Uncertainty.  New York.  The Berkeley Publishing Group.

Harris, R. 2007. The Happiness Trap. Australia. Exisle Publishing.

Hyman, B.M., T.Dufrene. 2008 Coping with OCD.Oakland, CA. New Harbinger Publications.

Hyman, B.M., and C. Pedrick. 2010. The OCD Workbook: your Guide to Breaking Free from Obsessive-Complusice Disorder, 3rdEd. Oakland, CA. New Harbinger.

Purdon, C,. and D. A. Clark. 2005 Overcoming Obsessive Thoughts: How to Gain Control of your OCD. Oakland, CA: New Harbinger 

Schwartz, J., and B. Beyette. 1997. Brain Lock. New York. Harper Perennial.

Sedley, B. 2015. Stuff that Sucks. Great Britain. Robinson

Winson, S.M, and M.N. Seif. 2017. Overcoming Unwanted Intrusive Thoughts: A CBT based Guide to getting over frightening, obsessive, or disturbing thoughts.  Oakland CA: New Harbinger.

Memoirs and Fiction Books

Adam, D. 2014. The Man Who Couldn’t Stop.  London. Picador

Bailey, L. 2018. Because We Are Bad. OCD and a Girl Lost in Thought. Surrey. UK. Canbury Press

Bretecher, R. 2016. Pure.London. Unbound

Green, J. Turtles All the Way down. 2017. Dutton Books.

Toten, T. The Unlikely Hero of Room 13b

Youtube Clips, Documentaries and Movies

There are also many videos available: a few are listed below. 

Unstuck  An OCD Kids Movie – documentary about kids with OCD

Living with me and my OCD by Claire Watkinson

OCD: A monster in my Mind – Horizon

Pure. Available on NZ on Demand (You might like to watch this first if watching with a teenager as some of scenes show nudity).

Cure my OCD:’ I thought I’d killed someone’. Documentary by BBC.COM